Zombies, Run! 2017 November 12

On this chilly Autumn morning I ran the last mission of Zombies, Run! season 6. It was a rewarding end to the story arc, with the sacrifice, overblown machinations and suspense that should be expected when confronting a fascist trying to launch a nuclear strike from her volcanic base. The AI subplot that began in one of the virtual races had a satisfying turn that redeemed some of the thinner tropes it used earlier.

Hillsburn’s “Strange Clouds”

Ahead of their new album in February, Hillsburn has released a hopeful, defiant first single with a great video.

All right, I’m tired of riddles.
Never been lower.
Don’t know anyone who sleeps at night.
Don’t know anyone who’s sober.
Our wasted youth, my wasted friends,
Is a circus of purchase of meaningless ends.

But there’s no way I’m going under.
No way.
Strike up the drummer, play me a song.
I’m floating on.
Strange clouds are gathering.
No way I’m going under.
No way.
Strike up the drummer, play me a song.
I’m floating on.
Strange clouds are gathering.

Zombies, Run! 2017 November 2

My Thursday night run was one of my most satisfying, even though I was slower than normal, because Zombies, Run! finally did a mission inspired by The Prisoner. I grew up with the show and recently have been revisiting it in a few different media, so it was a delightful surprise to run through season 6’s “Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling“. What could be more motivating than being chased by Rover in the Village? If only they could get the license to do The Prisoner, Run!


I decided to keep things simple for Halloween this year and went all in on head sprouts.

Historical Figures cover Karl Marx

The podcast Historical Figures reviews the life of Karl Marx in its fifth episode. The ‘cast has rebranded from Remarkable Lives, Tragic Deaths and the broadening of focus has allowed it to explore fascinating lives. Marx has too often been vilified or dismissed, but the 45 minutes Carter Roy and Vanessa Richardson devote to him both humanize him and place him in his context well. There are disappointing biases throughout, but on balance it is a introduction to Marx as a person that delivers a lot in the short running time.

A radical writer and philosopher, Karl Marx found himself exiled from multiple countries thanks to his communist writings in the 1800’s. However, in the following century, this same writing stirred revolution across the world, as communist governments rose to power. What influenced the famous father of communism, and why did he believe it was the best system? Carter and Vanessa explore the life of the author of The Communist Manifesto and Das Capital, and how his revolutionary ideas resonated worldwide.


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