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We Will Hold Hands

I’m listening to The DearsNo Cities Left, drinking some chilled vanilla cola and snacking on some maple-coated cashews. Life’s pretty damn good at the moment; I’ve not a single complaint. The album’s fucking amazing, so seek it out if you haven’t yet. I’m in love with Montreal, by the way, and think we should run off together. Or, rather, I should run off to that city and relearn French.

There’s little enough to report from my life. Work has been going well, except for some toubles we’ve had negotiating the systems. I find myself enjoying it more and more, even though I need to improve some of my customer service polish. I doubt I’ll ever become a true extrovert, but I’m working on it.

Today I spent a while downtown so that I could visit the library and a couple shops to treat myself to some new reading material. I’ve been voracious in my reading lately, so I hoped to find something to peak my interest. I came home with Lovecraft, a graphic novel imagining the author as actually haunted all his life by the monsters of his stories, an issue of Matrix, a magazine of art, essays, fiction, photography, poetry and, in this issue, comics, and, most excitingly, a printed copy of A Softer World, one of my all time favourite comic works. A Softer World is, at times, delightfully bizarre, beautiful and irreverent. In the beautiful category is “Yes I Am a Dreamer,” which I took a panel from to include with this entry.

Tonight I was lucky enough to be able to watch The Girl in the Café, a love story interwoven with the political struggle to end poverty. The balance between those two elements was incredibly well struck, with the film never succumbing to the stuffiness of politics or the triteness of most love stories. It drove home the message of compassion for those suffering from poverty well even though it showed only the reaction to the suffering and not the suffering itself. We have the means to end great suffering and many of us have the will to work for that, but too often selfishness and apathy stands in the way. This film gently draws in the audience and exposes this great tragedy of inaction so powerfully, yet still within a completely entertaining story. For this the filmmakers deserve much credit.

Let’s just keep fighting the end
We’re holding hands
We’re making plans
For Life
Let’s just keep fighting the end
Last time I swear
or we’ll go nowhere tonight

Don’t you think that now
is the time to move on
If you don’t mind well I’ll
just keep holding on for good

Let’s just keep fighting
the end of the world
We will hold hands and
We will make plans
For Life
– The Dears, “No Cities Left”

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