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The Death of Winter

After a week of stress and unpleasantness at work, Friday night found me stepping off a bus with 2kg of cheesecake and bound for a gathering at my friend Pegah’s home. As I reached the sidewalk I heard my name called and saw that Jana had been on the same bus. I Jana met through my friend April in January, and had actually met both Pegah and Sara through her as well.

Jana and I arrived at Pegah’s home to find Sara, Pegah and one fellow I can’t remember the name of already there. A night of food and interesting conversation was begun. I swear I’d never seen more desserts for only a handful of people in one night before. We definitely had a feast of sweets. it was a fitting end to my sweet gluttony. Long last my health.
The photo you see to the right of Sara and I was taken later in the evening, when I dug out my camera and snapped a few poorly-lit photos.
It was a great evening and I was very thankful to have a night among friends again. Work had sapped my energy and mood, but I was definitely renewed after being in such good company.

Just over two months remain in the third year I’ve kept a journal here at Frozen Truth . com and I’ve started some early planning for a new presentation, fresh coding and a new level of content. I hope my sketchiness recently can be forgotten once I have the freshness ready for you. I’m genuinely excited about it and some choices I’m making at the moment that will change a lot throughout my life. I hope to keep things interesting.

Today I took a walk to Deadman’s Island, where I captured some video and still shots that I’ll be sharing soon.

I have Rob Zombie’s “Death of it All” stuck in my head. I can’t help but sing, “together we all see the death of it all.” We do, and it’s beautiful.

Farewell winter, die well.

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