Apollo the Mad Hatter

I am now a mad hatter goth scarecrow! This week I received the first hat that I actually enjoy wearing; It’s a black paper panama made with Japanese toyo paper. As you can see, it’s so very perfect for my look. I enjoy wearing it around for the black scarecrow look and it’s also rather practical for keeping rain and sun out of my eyes. With my favourite glasses now in pieces that’s important.

Tuesday night April and I hosted a roaring success of a murder mystery night. Nathan, Andrew, Allison, Sara, Jana, Gwen and Robin all showed up in fancy dress and ready to play some rather amusing characters. I was playing an oil baron from Texas, which was quite a stretch. After the case was solved, we dove into food, continued with drink and began a truth or dare session that involved me locking lips with Gwen (was rather nice, actually), Nathan kissing my chin and Sara mooning my poor, unaware neighbours. It was good times, for sure. We’re hoping to make it a regular gathering, something I’m looking forward to.

It looks like K-Os will be co-headlining Evolve this year. I’m tempted to head on out to Antigonish just for that performance alone. Turns out K-Os is a vegetarian as well.

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