A Wedding

Friday, after spending more time with Gwen, April and I were picked up by her father and headed for Bridgewater. Our dear friend Wanda was to be married to Mark at Tomorrows Lounge there and April was a bridesmaid. We were both excited to be there for such a momentous day and to see Wanda again for the first time in months.

We arrived at the lounge and waited a short while, witnessing the setup, before Wanda arrived with Mark and some others involved in the wedding. From there we went to their home, which was cozy and a work in progress. It was my first time visiting Wanda in her natural habitat, and I was impressed by the large collection of Matrix posters.
There was a mad dash to prepare for the ceremony, with hair, cakes, and other things in need of last minute attention. Despite the dash, April commented that it was the most relaxed wedding she had ever been a part of.
The ceremony and the reception at the lounge were simple, beautiful and perfectly matched to the couple. Wanda was beautiful, with her wedding gown and hair in curls, while Mark was obviously free of pretense in his white jeans, t-shirt and open casual shirt. April and the other bridesmaids all looked gorgeous, as well.
It was a wonderful night overall. It was great to see Wanda so happy and to be part of such an unconventional (their wedding cake featured a fist and the words “Rock On!“) but perfectly fitting wedding. I have some photos up in a special Wanda’s Wedding album.

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