The Future is Emergent

Last week I added Integral Options Cafe to my daily reads in Google Reader and have been enjoying some wonderfully diverse posts from a fellow integral enthusiast. It’s deeply heartening to find someone as lit up as I am by Bodhisatvas, multiple-source orgasms and our trans-specialization future.

Through IOC, I discovered the transhumanist blog Sentient Developments. I hold the transhumanist approach with a huge ammount of skepticism, but there’s a lot of genuine potential to improve our lives immensely in the ideas championed by transhumanists and George Dvorsky presents a fine blog. “Must-know terms for the 21st Century intellectual” is an exciting piece that shows the span of knowledge we have to unravel in the coming years.

Enhancing our bodies, new energy sources, growing computing power and other advances will increasingly become appealing options, and offer us new solutions to today’s problems if, and only if, we use them with a highly evolved consciousness and ethical stance. Otherwise, we do risk great harm and greater problems. This is why we need integral so desperately.

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