Have I told you I love electric violin? I do, and the fact I spent the night with a woman who plays one has nothing to do with it.

It took me a while to get it, but I’ve finally been listening to DreamCypher, The Crüxshadows newest release. I was in love with their last studio album, Ethernaut, and the band has cemented their place in my heart with this one. Emotive, mythic darkwave, it’s the sort of music I can let myself seep into at any time.

The arrangements are superb, and, as I alluded to at the start, I’m especially fond of Rachel’s electric violin work. The lyrics are often anthemic, and reference various myths, something that drew me to this music from the start. There’s a power in dragging myths into higher contexts.

When life is left behind this isolation
Cruelty and hatred have become
The cause of those whose eyes are full of wanting
The truth will still abandon none

So you must carry this light into the darkness
You shall be a star unto the night
You will find hope alive among the hopeless
That is your purpose to this life

The lips draw words and hands find actions
Still there is more within one heart
Into the silence will you answer
Before the chaos will you come
– The Crüxshadows, “Sophia

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