The Items We Carry

Voyeurism finds its way into every corner of our world, even slipping into our pockets. Projects like Face Your Pockets! and The Items We Carry are looking into what we keep on our persons and maybe prompting us to explore the utility, clutter and art of what we carry.

I decided to take part in The Items We Carry to catalog what I have with me and examine why. Most of what I have are utilitarian tools, owing to my minimalist bent. Everything with me has some practical purpose and is in the smallest package I can afford and find, from the classy Jimi wallet to my iRiver media player. I travel happily light. You can click on the image below to see my Flickr-tagged items.

I’m increasingly interested in how I can create an aesthetic theme in the items I carry. Crafting some overall impression conveyed by what I have interests me surprisingly much. How can we alter the identities we walk around with so that it better realizes potential both in actions and communication? How can we express freedom, responsibility and other intangible traits outwardly? Is there a fashion for liberation, an aesthetic of care? If there is, how do we create it?

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