Dresden Codak

Dresden Codak is my new favourite webcomic. Aaron Diaz creates comics that are a wonderful mix of transhumanist, geeky, philosophical and science fictional strangeness. His art is superb, on the level of Skydoll or Good-bye, Chunky Rice, two of the finest comics I’ve read.

The central stories are beautiful, but some of the most enjoyable parts of the Dresden Codak experience are the standalone strips. One great example is “Caveman Science Fiction“, which points at our absurd fear of progress using obviously beneficent technologies such as firecraft or toolmaking. For the extra geeky among us, “The Sleepwalkers” is a gem. If you only read two strips, make them “Dungeons & Discourse” and “Advanced Dungeons & Discourse“, which are quite possibly the funniest mashups of philosophy and role playing ever conceived.

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