Jamie the Trickster

Chloë Dalquist’s Jamie the Trickster is an exciting webcomic. It evokes a rare sense of intimacy, lightness and sincerity while dealing with weighty subjects such as identity, sexuality, sex and gender. Chloë names Terry Moore as an influence and has an ability to express emotions and delve into character drama that compares well to his best work.

Jamie is a handful, that’s for sure—-a mysterious and eccentric character with the unusual ability to transform into either man or woman at will and cause quite a stir among the locals! Sure enough, Todd, an ordinary guy finds himself drawn to Jamie and discovers that there’s a lot more under the surface than meets the eye.

Jamie takes Todd on an adventure to find what s/he calls “the chosen ones,” who are an exceptional man and a powerful woman who with the help of their friends and families have the ability to de-construct and reshape the world. As the story twists and turns with Jamie pulling the strings, the characters finally meet each other in the end: a culmination of a vast conference that allows them the will to devise a world all their own.

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