Pokemon Adventures 02

When it rains and during other down time, I’ve continued reading Pok√©mon Adventures. The second volume is a lot stronger than the first. The characters are more fleshed out and the story diverges from the games in ways that keep things interesting. The art continues to be a great match for this story, with great expressions and action that is full of energy but easy to follow.

Katican Island

Monday we traveled by boat to Katican Island, also known as Pearl Island. It’s a marine sanctuary and we were able to swim and see some beautiful sea life, including clams, coral, fish and sea urchin. The beach surrounding the small island is a stunning white and is made up entirely of coral.

Creatures in Eastern Samar

During my time in Eastern Samar, I’ve been enjoying spotting life all around. Hermit crabs crept along the beaches and crossed the road ahead of us, lizards scurried along walls catching ants, cats stalked about, farm animals were tied along roads, and there were beautiful fish to see swimming.

Canhugas Nature Park

Saturday a van load of us headed to Canhugas Nature Park in Hernani. The rock formations are magnificent and the strong waves made for beautiful displays. As high tide approached, there was rough surf and I ended up with a few scrapes, but it was a great trip.

Linao Cave

Friday I headed to the famous (it’s on magnets!) Linao Cave with some of Tonet’s relatives. The cave is incredibly beautiful and it’s well worth the time it takes to trek out to it!

Guiuan Breakfast

Today I started the day with some black coffee and then some freshly fried doughnuts. The doughnuts were made simply with flour and yeast.Both were delicious, and we’re followed by an overwhelming amount of food at Tonet’s family’s home.

Weather Station Climb

Today we visited the weather station in Guiuan, which had us climbing a steep hill to an impressive building with an equally impressive view. The station was rebuilt in the wake of a major typhoon, Yolanda through cooperation of Japan and the Philippines.

A Beach Day

Today we went to the far end of Calicoan Island with Tonet’s family for a day at the beach. The water was shallow and I was able to watch many sea creatures as I swam. The beach was very beautiful.

Calicoan Beaches

We flew from Manila to Tacloban and then drove to Guiuan in the evening of New Year’s Eve. As we traversed Eastern Samar at night it was striking how dark it was. When I travel to the rural part of Nova Scotia where I grew up it can be quite dark too, but here what lights there were shone lower to the ground. It was nice to spot celebrations taking shape as we passed.

Today I traveled to Calicoan with some of Tonet’s relatives. The beaches there are incredibly beautiful. We saw some huge waves at a surf camp and did quick visits at a few other spots.